The Magnificent Seasons

“The Magnificent Seasons had been on my mind for a long time. I wrote about these 3 teams, the Jets, Mets, and Knicks, all from New York City, and who ironically all won for the first time in their franchise history, because they each have etched their place in history. And, to put their championships in proper perspective, I needed to write about the turmoil that was disrupting the nation and New York City in that period. As you will see, these three teams, one of which I played for, overshadowed that turmoil and brightened the spirits of so many. Their combined legacy is part of the history of NYC and our great country.” -Art Shamsky




“In 1969 three underdog New York sports teams won World Championships. It was an unprecedented feat in the history of sports, and it helped bring the nation’s largest city – and much of the country – euphoria to balance the lingering political despair of 1969. And here, in The Magnificent Seasons, is that story – a re-creation of one of the most magical periods in sports history.”

“In reflecting on these events, what they meant then and what they still mean today, Art Shamsky, a 1969 “Miracle Met,” introduces the thoughts of members of every team. Highlights include interviews with Joe Namath, Tom Seaver, Bill Bradley, Yogi Berra, Emerson Boozer, Jerry Koosman, and many more. But as important as these wins were to the players and coaches who made them happen, their victories meant just as much to the city and the people who celebrated them, and Shamsky includes their perspectives through such personalities as Bob Costas, David Halberstam, Rudy Giuliani, and many others.”

The Magnificent Seasons takes readers back with all the thrill of the time when three teams captivated the country, and when New York City ruled the sporting world.